Listing my Property

So you are thinking about selling your home?  Don’t let the media frighten you, the market isn’t as bad as many claim.

You are probably asking yourself ‘where do I start?’ You probably want to get an idea of what your home is worth in today’s market. We ask you to visit ‘What’s my Home Worth’ tab, to complete information about your property so we can give you a ball park estimate of what your home is worth.  To get a more detailed understanding of what your home is worth, it is important to set up an appointment for me to view your home.

Once you have decided to put your property on the market there are some prelisting activities that will need to be performed.  It is more important now than ever to ensure your property is ready for the market. With our proven marketing techniques, on average my team sells homes in less than 45 days and at 97% of list price. When you are interviewing listing agents, the most important question is not what do I do? But does what I do work? I will help you determine the highest possible selling price for your home. Present a list of suggested repairs, if necessary. Recommend reputable repair companies. Take professional pictures for marketing purposes. Share your home with our extensive global network. Enter your home in the local listing service. Advertise your home to ensure the greatest exposure to buyers.

We can’t control market conditions, location or size. Our focus will be on factors we can control to get maximum value: Price, Condition and Marketing for maximum exposure. Together we will sell your home for the best possible price, sell your home in the shortest about of time and sell your home in the most favorable terms.

Visit the ‘Contact Us ‘ tab to set up a time for us to visit your home.