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Financing and affordability are a critical part of the home buying process. The mortgage calculator will give you a rough idea of monthly payments at varying price points with different interest rates and loan terms. You will find the latest mortgage rates on this page as well. Setting a realistic budget for a monthly mortgage payment, will allow us to quickly narrow your search by price. Keep in mind, you total monthly mortgage payment is going to include principle, interest, property taxes and homeowners insurance.

While these calculators will give you a general idea of what to expect financially, the best way to get a more accurate understanding of the financial implications of purchasing a home, I encourage you to reach out to a mortgage professional. Visit our Resources Section to find a list of our preferred partners.

Putting all the pieces of this puzzle together can be tricky and frustrating if you are doing it alone. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with questions. We are here to help at no cost or obligation.

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